****Playing Games the Reboot coming soon****

In this hood romance a street saavy stud, Ronnie, falls for a feisty young woman. She also falls for her curvaceous enticing neighbor. Three women playing a dangerous game of hearts.

                         ****Playing Games the Reboot coming soon****

A firm believer in hedonism, never has (s)he ever been monogamous. In memory of a tragedy, T will aim her lasciviousness on to one woman.

Secret Rendezvous weaves a short tale of addiction, romance, and the effects of self denial.

Jay kicked her coke habit but they say once an addict, always an addict. Arianna isn't a lesbian she just had her heart ripped out by one in her past. One night of drinking led them to an erotic night despite their turbulent issues in the past. 

To be read after Playing Games II: Players Ball or can be read as a standalone.