“Baby, you betta ask about me. Ya boy got skills,” Ronnie bragged to Kenni on their next date as they walked away from a basketball game where Ronnie had won Kenni a big, stuffed animal.

Kenni smiled, “Oh, ask about you huh? So, everybody at this fair know who you is?”

Ronnie looked back at her as if with disbelief, “You damn right,” she said mock appalled.

Kenni rolled her gray eyes again and grabbed Ronnie’s arm, “Ooh come on. I wanna get on that.”

Ronnie smirked allowing herself to be drug on, “You wanna go down that big ass slide fa real?”

Kenni smacked her lips together and rolled her eyes, “Yeah. Why?”

Ronnie rolled her fawn-colored eyes back at her, “Punk ass. You just tryin to get out of ridin Somersault.”

Kenni looked to the right at a ride they were passing that flipped you over forward and backward. People were screaming in fun, some in terror however as Kenni could see they weren’t in their seat when the ride flipped. She looked away, “Ain’t nobody scared of that ride,” Kenni pulled her away from the ride towards the line for the world’s largest slide.

Ronnie chuckled, “Yeah. Aight. We goin on that next.”

Kenni looked back at her with a look that clearly said, ‘no the fuck we ain’t’.

Ronnie chuckled again.

“Eww baby look at her. She got a muffin top like its sexy doe,” Kenni commented on a woman further up in the line.

Ronnie glanced at the female Kenni was talking about and guffawed, “That’s yo boo right there quit playin. She wore that just for you.’

Kenni’s neck jerked back and her eyes cut slightly at Ronnie, “She wore it just for me to talk about her.”

The two burst out laughing together.

Ronnie’s eyes bounced around the line checking people out. Ronnie’s eyes connected with a short Hispanic woman who flashed a smile. Ronnie shot her a smile back. Kenni shoved her in her chest.

“I know you see me standin here! Don’t be lookin at no other bitches while you wit me,” Kenni snapped out drawing looks from people in the line.

Ronnie’s jaw twitched. She switched her snapback hat around to the back and stepped closer to Kenni, “Girl, you betta keep yo muthafuckin hands to yo got damn self.”

Kenni’s lips pursed up and her arms folded across her chest. She looked Ronnie up and down then spat out, “What you gone do about it?” Kenni glanced around at the people that were watching them and smirked.

Ronnie’s eyes ran with Kenni’s noticing all the people watching them. She cut her brown eyes at Kenni. Then with a smile she replied, “You don’t wanna find out.”

Kenni rolled her eyes, “Whatever. I know you betta not be lookin at no other bitches while you wit me doe,” she spun on her heel facing away from Ronnie with her arms folded across her chest.

Ronnie opened her mouth to say something but her eyes snatched her voice away as they roamed over the backside of Kenni’s frame. Even from the back she was sexy. Not thick like a Snicker but her buttery pecan skin, the way her jeans fit around her waist and hugged her hips. Ronnie licked her lips imagining hitting Kenni from the back. Visualizing kissing, biting, licking and sucking all over her smooth skin. Ronnie stepped closer to Kenni. She hugged her from the back making sure to press herself against Kenni’s ass. Ronnie began to play on her neck kissing and licking, sucking and biting to Kenni’s delight.

Kenni licked her lips and turned around. She wrapped her arms around Ronnie’s neck as their lips smashed together. Their lips bounced off each other and met up again.

“Yo! It’s y’all turn,” a voice complained behind them.


“It’s cool. Let’s lighten the mood up some though,” commented T as she pulled up to the north entrance of the hospital. “Tell me what's your zodiac sign, favorite color, favorite food, and favorite position.”

“Ha favorite position? I guess you want that answer first huh?”

“Hey, I just threw that in with the rest you answer when you want too.”

“Okay how about I don't answer it maybe one day if you lucky though I'll show you. Scorpio, green, and Italian.”

“Okay that says about you freaky, you like money and you have a gift of gab,” laughed T.

“I see you got the jokes now and no not freaky. Scorpio means I could be and if you got the chance to find out I'd be the best, duh. Green because I love how it compliments my skin tone. And Italian because.... I may have the gift of gab.”

“See now look I was right,” she looked up and spied Yolanda coming out of the hospital. Yolanda paused at the car door seeing T on the phone. “Well I'ma Pisces,”

“Oh so you like to have sex? Sex is a cure all for you?”

“Aye that's just what the internet said. I'm not responsible for the lies or for the truth of works not written by me. Guess you would have to just find that out huh?” she watched Yolanda take a seat on a bench facing her while opening and closing her legs seductively.


“My favorite color is purple because it means royalty. Surprisingly my favorite food is Italian too. Matter of fact you should let me take you out for lunch tomorrow. I know an Italian place downtown you will love.”

“What's it called?”

“Cibo Di Venezia.”

“Ok I can you meet there by eleven thirty.”

“Alright. I'll be there by eleven fifteen.”

“I bet you will.”

“For you, I would be there waiting all damn day if I had too.”

“Oh whatever!”

“Seriously. But I will have to talk to you tomorrow gorgeous. It’s about that time now. I gotta get this paperwork done and make sure everything running effectively.”

“Ok T. I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Alright beautiful goodnight.”


Hanging up the phone and waiting for the phone to lock itself ensuring that both lines were disconnected T slid the passenger window down gazing at Yolanda. She stared out at her succulent lips watching them part and mouth the word park. Without further ado, T whipped her car around until she found a parking spot.

“Follow me,” Yolanda ordered with a finger accompanying her words.

As T followed the dark skinned woman, she reveled in her height and thickness. They were about the same height with Yolanda a half inch taller than 5'10. Even clothed in the slightly baggy doctor wear one could note the curves of her body, notice the protrusion her ass caused in her pants as well as the breasts trying to break free of the restrictive cloth.

Abruptly, Yolanda swiped a badge across the wall security and disappeared behind a door. Opening the door to slide in behind the woman T discovered they had reached a stairwell. Her white coat was draped over the rail and Yolanda was naked in front of a grinning T. Quickly T whipped the handcuffs off her belt loops. Yolanda positioned her arms above her head standing on her toes slightly as she reached for the next highest rail.

“Cuff me Daddy,” she instructed erotically gazing at the stud in front of her.

About 6 months ago


“Ay shorty cool as fuck bruh,” Jay announced to T as they stood in the kitchen making plates. “She fit right in with the best of shit talkers, us.”

Grinning T responded, “Oh yeah. She can talk that shit but you see she can back that shit up. She bust you and Kim’s ass in spades.”

“Whatever! I had to let her win. I did that for you,” spouted Kim as she walked into the kitchen grabbing beer out of the refrigerator.

“You ain't do that shit for me. We kicked y'all ass fair and square,” joked T.

Looking up from her plate with a retort on her lips, Jay's words were stolen as Arianna came out of the bathroom with a silly drunk smile plastered over her face. She asked her instead, “You want a plate? You look like you feeling it over there.”

Arianna stood staring at Jay with an impish grin, “I can hold my own, Jay, but yes I would like a plate.”

Kim walked into the kitchen, observed the two briefly, then walked over to the counter to stand next to T. She took a piece of chicken off T's plate not taking her eyes off Jay and Arianna.

“What all you want on yo’ plate?” continued Jay oblivious to the rest of the fam in the room.

Shrugging she replied, “What all can you handle carrying?” with her eyebrow raised.

A smirk appeared on Jay's face. “Gon’ and chill out yo. I got you.”

Sauntering drunkenly away from everyone in the kitchen, Arianna called out, “T, I love your friend!”

“Somebody feeling it,” cracked T.

The three burst out laughing and followed suit into the basement where the rest of the family, plus Yolanda, was drinking. Upon entering the basement, they realized they had stumbled upon a drinking game.

“Alright. Alright. Have you ever had a threesome?” Yolanda asked.

“You must not know my children, gurl,” Ma Dukes laughed as the three studs and Kim took a drink.

“My turn, my turn,” Arianna yelled out. “Will you ever have a threesome?” she asked looking pointedly at Yolanda and winking at T.

She met her question with a drink and a smile and then turned to T, “Baby I would love to have a threesome with you. Let’s add that to our list of things to conquer.”

T nodded, took a drink, and smiled. She raised her glass at Arianna, “I got one. Will you ever fuck with someone in this room again?”

Every pair of eyes in the room watched Jay down her drink including Arianna's. Jay brought her eyes to stare at her and with a wicked smile, Arianna slowly tipped her glass back until it was empty, never taking her eyes off Jay. Ma Dukes let out a whoop of laughter.

“Y'all got that one over on me!” Ma Dukes clapped her hands.

Arianna giggled and put a finger to her lips miming shh. “Alright, I'm almost drunk, fam. I'm headed home. Love y'all.”

Immediately, Jay jumped to her feet, “You not driving home drunk yo.”

She laughed, “Watch me,” and bounced out the door with Jay following.