About the Prince

HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! Thanks for checking my site out I hope you enjoy your time here chilling in my zone. (If you don't I won't be mad if you exit.) Thanks for the love and support if you bought my book already. If you haven't you should do so, like right now. #NOPRESSURE #BUTREALLY lol.

Alright all jokes aside lets do this the right way. I am Kendra Spencer aka Prince #33. I am a proud Virgo and I just barely made the cut to proclaim myself as an 80s baby. September 12, 1989 is my date of entry into this world.

I was a tomboy and a nerd growing up. Yes, you read right. I am a introverted extrovert. I loved being outside but I went to the library regularly filling up my duffel bag full of books. Even now I check out a lot of books from the library and can spend a endless amount of time in the book store if you let me lol. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Basketball is what I ate, slept, breathed, and dreamed about. However, as I got older I grew apart from basketball, writing became my passion taking me away from reality to places I'd never known but loved.I never really considered being an author, writing as a job. For me, it was always just a given my book is going to be published one day. 

So, where did Prince come from? Prince is an old nickname from my middle school days. We were reading Eric Jerome Dickey and Zane books. Zane was being hailed as the queen of erotica. I was just a kid writing erotic scenes and poems so my moniker became the Prince of Erotica. Later I shortened it to Prince. I kept the nickname because I will be recognized as nonetheless. I AM the prince of erotica (cocky? no I'm confident) Zane, Eric Jerome Dickey, Omar Tyree and countless others are the kings and queens, the heavy weights. One day I will join their ranks.

Now the #33 that is attached to my signature Prince #33 comes from the present. #33 is my jersey number. I am a proud female athlete of the Cincinnati Sizzle. RIP Jo Woods. Basketball and me had a horrible breakup but once I met football she became my yin to my yang because when I catch writers block and I'm stuck football practice or football games helps me break out of that and get back to it. Football keeps me grounded. I love it and my team

Also, I work with individuals that have developmental disabilities and I'm an avid dog lover. I love my boys. My first litter was delivered August 12, 2013. It wasn't planned and I don't plan on having any more girl dogs though.