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Secret Rendezvous weaves a short tale of addiction, romance, and the effects of self denial. 

Jay kicked her coke habit but they say once and addict, always an addict. Arianna is not a lesbian she just had heart ripped out by one in her past. One night of drinking led them to an erotic night despite their turbulent issues in the past.

To be read after Playing Games II: Players Ball or can be read as a standalone.



                          Secret Rendezvous


        “Jay, wake up,” Arianna nudged the cream-toned Latina next to her. “Jay.”

        “S’up?” croaked out Jay raising her head slightly.

        “We fell asleep. It’s time for you to go.” She nudged her again, “Jay!”

        Lazily, Jay peeled her eyes open one at a time. She flashed her a smile and bit her lip,

        “Damn you beautiful, Ari.”

        “Whatever. It’s time for you to go, Jay,” she stated with an eye roll.

        The smile gracing Jay’s face dimmed and faded away. “What’s wrong, ma?” She put a hand up to stroke Arianna’s face.

        Smacking her hand down Arianna snapped out, “Nothing’s wrong, Jay. It’s just time for you to go. We fucked, no big deal. We’re adults. It’s just time for you to go now.”

        Jay dragged a hand down her face muttering, “Aye mami!” She reached out to snag Arianna’s wrist but Arianna jumped out of bed with the covers clutched around her body. Her heart clenched at the action and she rolled over so she was sitting naked on the edge of the bed. “I thought we squashed everything last night. I miss you. I want you, only you, mami. I love you. You said the same last night.”

        A sneer marred her chocolate face and her eyes cut. “Shit happens when you have great sex, Jay. You know that.”

        “So, you didn’t mean it?”

        “Of course I meant it. I do love you and miss you sexually.” She shrugged, “but you scratched that itch.”

        Softly, Jay exhaled. “Que chingados?” she murmured, what the fuck, in her first language. “Why, mami? Why can’t we start over, move past that ugliness in our past? I hurt you and I’m sorry, mami. Lo siento, mi amor.” I’m sorry my love, she swore again in the language she grew up around. “Can we please just start over? I know you still have feelings for me. Let’s try it again.”

        “Jay, I don’t want anything from you. I just want you to go. I don’t want a relationship with you or anybody else. Just go.”

        Shooting to her feet with shrewd eyes she hissed, “All these lies dropping from your mouth but I know bullshit when I hear it. Whether you can admit it or not you still care for me, Ari.” Her voice softened. “And not just sexually. I made you and tu penosha,” Your pussy, she spat. “Very happy. You wrapped your beautiful self around me, head on my chest and went straight to sleep. But if you want me to leave I will leave because I love you and care about you.”

        Arianna chewed her lip staring across at the bare woman she had once loved fiercely in her teenage years. “I want you to leave,” she said ignoring the pull she felt and the hurt in Jay’s summer leaf green eyes. It was nothing compared to the pain her heart had endured when they had broken up and how they had broken up. Internally, she turned her emotions off basking in the numb cloak she had wrapped around her feelings. “I want you to leave,” she repeated once more in a stronger voice.

        Only a head nod replied back to Arianna as she began to dress. She looked at Arianna once she was fully clothed, “I won’t be your jump off, Arianna. Either we gonna do this meaning you forgive me and we move forward in or towards a relationship, or we’re not doing nothing at all.”

        Immobile, Arianna stood watching Jay. She chewed on her lip with a raised chin as Jay snuck a kiss onto her cheek before leaving the room. She remained rooted in the same position until she heard her front door open and close. Arianna let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, locked her front door, and climbed into her bed wrapping her arms around herself.