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The next book to be released will be a reboot of the first book Playing Games. We're sticking with the same characters but getting to know them better, new scenes and more. Stay tuned for the release date.

 Playing Games the Reboot



Flash Fiction


Our First Encounter

     Tristan drummed his fingers on the table at the local fish spot. He’d been here for a while already. The older woman that was serving had already told him half of her life story as he waited. He took a sip of his drink and checked the time.


     She wasn’t coming the negative part of his mind whispered. You got stood up. Tristan shook the thoughts away and focused on what he knew about the woman he was waiting for. He’d finally met a woman whose hustle matched his. As a natural go getter most women either couldn’t keep up or didn’t want thus always complained about the lack of time in the end. They’d made time for each other damn near every night talking before calling it a night.


     Amii, he sighed turning his phone volume up willing for a message. Tristan scrolled up in their messages to gaze upon her picture. She wouldn’t stand him up. Their conversation was too upfront and honest. It was one of the things that attracted him to her. Amii was easy to talk too about anything. For God’s sake it was like talking to his self in the mirror and getting a Tristan response. Their conversation didn’t include lies and judgement nor traces of underlying negativity.


     “Hey handsome,” the waitress approached the table again. She topped his water off, “She still hasn’t shown up huh hun?”


     “No, ma’am.”


     “We’ll she’ll be here honey. Give her a little longer. Us women take some time especially when we’re interested in a person. You can’t rush beauty honey,” the waitress winked at him and sashayed off to service another table.


     Tristan heaved a big sigh. The statement patience is a virtue flashed across his mind quelling the desire to run out the diner with his tail tucked between his legs. He checked the time and their messages again. Twenty minutes ago he’d stated he was here and the location. All she’d said was ok. It was time to call Tristan decided.


     His phone rang once on his ear piece then again. The third ring sounded like someone was receiving an incoming phone call. Just as the phone went to voicemail Tristan saw her coming around the corner.


     “Amii,” he grinned like a child and a little breathless.


     Her beauty was staggering. Dark skin that glowed like Jesus himself anointed her body. Very well put together with a body stacked like a game of poker, a royal flush. The outfit that adorned her gorgeous body was modest but not in elderly fashion and far from the pavement stomping woman of the night which seemed popular nowadays.


     “So, do I get a hug?” Amii questioned flashing a bright set of white teeth.


     Tristan cursed himself, “Yeah, I’m sorry. Where are my manners?” he gave her a quick hug and his meddlesome hands didn’t even wander below her waist like their usual agenda.


     “Thank you,” Amii grinned again and took a seat.


     He sat down and checked out her nails and feet. Both looked clean and up to date. A woman that doesn’t take care of her nails doesn’t take care of her womanly parts.


     “Well there you are honey! And look at you looking so fabulous. I told him you would be here. Us women tend to take awhile,” jested the server.


     “Oh no I would never stand him up,” Amii grinned turning from the waitress to meet Tristan’s eyes. “I was at a different location waiting for you.”


     The three burst out laughing.


     “What can I do ya honey?” the waitress asked pulling out her pad and pen.